Contact Details

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Fiona Baldwin (Church Warden) 01780 410060

Gordon Baldwin(Church Warden) 01780 410060

Maureen Ward (Secretary) 01780 410885


Fr Chris Atkinson (Rural Dean) 01778 422412

Safeguarding Information


Here at St Medard's we are like a big happy family.  We try to ensure that people who have jobs in the church behave well and are helpful to you.  We never want anything in church  to frighten, confuse or worry you.


It is important that you tell us if something is upsetting you ....

Caring for people is part of our Christian life.


If you are worried about something that is happening or what somebody is doing we have people who are specially trained to look after your safety.


If you want to talk to someone you can contact:


Safeguarding Officer - Anne 01780 410563

Rural Dean - Father Chris 01778 422412


Diocesan Safeguarding Team -